National Cartographic Center 22 Jun 2020 - 13:59 -------------------------------------------------- Title : By the efforts of supervising experts of NCC: Land Supervision and Control of 49 projects in 2019 -------------------------------------------------- With 682 person per day missions in 2019, the total of 49 projects has been supervised and controlled by the supervising experts of NCC Text : According to NCC report, as NCC has given supervision and technical control of all contract implementations in surveying and geomatics engineering services all over the country to its general Department of Technical Supervision and Control; different contracts of on-job supervision and control are referred to the land surveying technical supervision and control office of this department on a yearly basis. A large number of land cadaster projects have also been supervised and controlled by the experts of this office in recent years. Despite the difficulties of the field supervision of these projects for the experts of the so called office, 49 projects with 682person per day missions have been supervised and controlled in 2019. The following table shows the summary of the General Department of Technical Supervision and Control activities in different subjects, devided into land surveying projects and land cadaster projects. It is necessary to mention that the criteria for calculating the total number of previously mentioned projects are the rows number 3, 4 and 5. No. Title of Activity No. of projects No. of person per daymissions 1 On-job supervision of land surveying projects 7 28 2 On-job supervision of land cadastre projects 2 6 3 Annotations field control 11 100 4 Land surveying projects field control 23 314 5 Land cadastre field control 15 234