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Countering History Distortion and Fake Words Use On Persian Gulf Ought to be On Permanent Agenda of National Cartographic Center/ NCC Plays Significant Role in Provincial Planning and Seventh Development Plan
15 May 2022 12:14
Dr. Mirkazemi, Vice President and Head of Plan and Budget Organization Unveils National Water Atlas Produced by National Cartographic Center
1 May 2022 16:12
Persian Gulf National Day
30 Apr 2022 08:11
Ease of Quick Access to Digital Version of NCC Products
25 Apr 2022 15:07
Dust Monitoring in Iran-6 to 7 April 2022
12 Apr 2022 09:58
Nowruz, Celebration of Spring Arrival and New Year in IRAN
21 Mar 2022 08:03
To Build Synergy Among Experts in Mapping and Spatial Data and to Provide its Services to Users, Including Knowledge-Based companies, Universities are of Conferecne Important Goals
Twenty-sixth National Conference and Exhibition of Surveying Engineering and Spatial Information; Geomatics 1۱400 / holding the opening ceremony in webinar form
21 Feb 2022 15:25