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Main Activities, Objectives and Missions

Main Activities, Objectives and Missions
  • Establishing effective relations with the director’s office of Plan and Budget Organization of the country in order to coordinate, provide the necessary facilities, reflect the ideas and problems of NCC and follow up to gain outcomes.
  • Planning and organizing the Director General of NCC’s programs such as participation in the meetings of Plan and Budget Organization deputies and the other meetings, visits, participating in forums and accomplishing national and international missions.
  • Establishing continuous relation with regional general departments of surveying in other provinces to coordinate, provide the required facilities and meet their needs, reflect the comments and problems and follow up to gain outcomes.
  • Evaluating the performance of departments and conducting regular and case inspections of central and regional departments and preparing reports for the Director General of NCC.
  • Receiving, inspecting and investigating the complaints of natural and legal persons from departments and staff, referring the complaints to the relevant department in coordination with the Director General of NCC.
  • Expanding relation with media (especially mass media), with the aim of notifying and introducing NCC’s scientific and technical services, products, activities, achievements and capabilities, as well as announcing its scientific and technical objectives, policies, strategies, approaches, plans and achievements at national and international levels as the speaker of  NCC.
  • Improving national and international relations in the fields of technical and engineering cooperation and exportation of technical and engineering services in Geomatics through development and consolidation of the relations of NCC and signing national and international joint cooperation MOUs with other organizations, institutions, companies, trade unions and related professional communities.
  • Managing and supervising the development of NCC’s website (portal) in Persian and English languages in order to properly notify the public and to publish the latest news and changes of NCC on its website, as well as on the mass media.
  • Coordinating for holding conferences, meetings, seminars and exhibitions in order to introduce the capabilities of NCC and offer its products and services at provincial, national and international levels.
  • Planning for, coordinating and holding religious, national and organizational ceremonies, as well as contributing to cultural activities aimed at maintaining the values of NCC.
  • Documenting the events in NCC and providing audio and visual services (audiovisual affairs).
  • Planning for, and coordinating civil and military officials’, as well as scientific and educational centers’ visit to NCC at national level; and coordinating foreign experts’ visit to NCC.
  • Planning and advertising, doing graphics and design.
  • Supervising on NCC’s publications.
  • Planning, and coordinating to obtain necessary licenses for sending experts on foreign missions to participate in related international conferences and promote their scientific level through participation in short and long term training courses according to the policies of NCC and inviting foreign experts to participate in conferences and/or having scientific and technical cooperation with NCC.
  • Coordinating with overseas embassies and representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop technical and engineering cooperation and to obtain visa.
  • Communicating with regional and international associations, committees and scientific and technical bodies in which NCC is a member.
  • Translating the texts and reporting to promote the scientific level of NCC.
  • Performing the tasks related to Central Secretariat of NCC.
  • Managing the administrative correspondence automation and registering the sent and received letters of NCC.
The sub-offices
  • The office of public relations and supervision on publications
    Opinion poll and international scientific cooperation section
    Regional affairs coordination section
    Performance evaluation, inspection and complaints investigation section
    Secretariat office

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