Publish dateSunday 7 February 2021 - 15:08
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Today, maps and geospatial data are one of the main prerequisites for the implementation of development plans and programs of countries and has become one of the effective tools to start civil and executive activities, so that now the production of maps and spatial information are the main indicators of growth and development of a country. In addition, geospatial data is recognized as one of the key components in crisis management and reduction of the harmful effects of natural hazard. Therefore, the production of various maps and the resulting products in accordance with the needs of the country is one of the main tasks of governments. Obviously, this important thing will not be possible except in the shadow of determining a coordinate reference frame based on developing, maintaining and updating fundamental data and geodetic networks in the country. In this regard, National Cartographic Center (NCC) of Iran has provided valuable services to the country over the past years, including the implementation and development of Geodetic, Levelling, Gravity and Geodynamic fundamental data and Networks.
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