Publish dateThursday 27 June 2019 - 09:13
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Products (Services Table)

They are grouped in two sections: location-based services AND location-based products


WMS location services based on OGC standards

Publication of atlas, book, magazine, thematic maps (tourism, urban, provincial)

Information on standard geographical names and attributes related to them

Information on ground base stations

Layers of country divisions

Digital and DEM images


Nautical charts


Digital maps


Electronic charts for use in the ECDIS system of vessels


Satellite imagery and visual maps


Standards and guidelines for the production of maps and spatial information


Aerial photos


Sea level offering


Tidal forecast information


Real time positioning corrections


Processing raw data users' positioning receivers


Points Heights in the altitude system of the country (local geoid model)


Mapping services

Inquiries response about spatial data availability


Aerial imaging services


Supervision and technical control of surveying services

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