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With the proper management and optimization at National Cartographic Center:

Water Consumption Reaches Lowest Level in Last Decades

Translator: fatemeh Emadian mehr
NCC has undergone a process of reducing water consumption by optimizing and managing techniques and the index confirms that.
Water Consumption Reaches Lowest Level in Last Decades

According to NCC's report, the water consumption rate of the National Cartographic Center was evaluated. The technical report indicated that the NCC has undergone a process of reducing water consumption over the past 18 years by optimizing and managing consumption. Also, during the last two years, the NCC has been able to obtain a full score in the water consumption management index.

In this technical report, the water consumption rate from 2003 to 2020 was reviewed and analyzed. Figure 1, shows the rate of water consumption is processed by regression and indicates that the NCC in recent years with the scientific and practical approach, by technology updates, promoting organizational culture, and reduction of water losses due to optimization, improved the pattern of water consumption and increased productivity and comprehensive operation at the organizational level.

Figure 2 shows NCC has obtained a full score of water consumption management index (300 points) in the last two years. In 2020, NCC has consumed the lowest amount of water during the last 18 years, and of course in point-to-point comparisons of 2021 with 2020 until the end of the fourth period in this year, since 2020 less water has been consumed (Figure No. 3).

The per capita green space of NCC has grown by about 25%. Due to this growth, water resources have been managed and drinking water has not been used to irrigate green spaces. Watering is done early in the morning or late at the night using a timer and drip irrigation system and automatic watering system to limit evaporation and prevent the plants from drying out. Plants adapted to the climate and rainfalls of the region have also been selected. Figure 4 shows the simulated model of green space and water source of NCC.

Among the practical and effective measures of the NCC regarding the water consumption management index, the following can be mentioned:
 - Use of valves and equipment to reduce water consumption and regular visits to water consumption facilities (valves, two-stroke flash tank, etc.)
 - Regular control of plumbing equipment and replacement of defective gaskets to prevent leakage
- No car washing in the organization
 - No use of drinking water to wash office spaces
- Installation of sensor valves for automatic closing of the faucet 
- Checking the water meter at least once a month to monitor water consumption

Editor : Hamed Moradian
Translator : Fatemeh Emadian Mehr