Publish dateMonday 25 April 2022 - 15:07
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Another service from National Cartographic Center of Iran:

Ease of Quick Access to Digital Version of NCC Products

In another service provided by National Cartographic Center of Iran, ease of quick access to the digital version of NCC Products is enabled for the applicants.
Ease of Quick Access to Digital Version of NCC Products
According to NCC News, quoting from the Department of Spatial Information Management and Presentation of NCC, the possibility of downloading the digital version of the registered orders of NCC products has been created in the applicant's folder since 17 April 2022 for the ease of quick access via the product sales system of NCC at The applicants can activate the electronic order registration in the following way.
After confirmation of the registered order, in the postage payment step, the applicant can select one of the suggested options (product mailing, electronic mailing, mailing both the printed document and its electronic form) according to the figure below.
After preparing the registered orders, the applicant can download the compressed file of his ordered product in his folder in the registered order section. To unlock the compressed file, a password of will be notified via SMS.

Editor : Hamed Moradian
Translator : Farkhondeh Rafani
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