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National Cartographic Center of Iran announces:

20% Increase in International Sales of Nautical Charts in First Six Months of 2022

National cartographic center of Iran announces the 20% Increase in International Sales of Nautical Charts in the First Six Months of 2022
20% Increase in International Sales of Nautical Charts in First Six Months of 2022
According to NCC News, Eng. Atiyeh Mojtahedi, Deputy of Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department of NCC, announced the increase in the international supply and sale of nautical charts and said: “So far, 66 Electronic Navigational Charts produced by NCC have been published through the international reference after international control and approval, four of which have been published recently.”
Mojtahedi stated that the reason for the increase in sales of nautical charts in the first six months of the year is the increase in the traffic of vessels in the first six months of the year, the increasing use of updated internal charts instead of foreign charts and the publication of new nautical charts, which are published in 2022 and provided to the sailors in approach, harbor and berthing usage bands.
She pointed out that the 66 published charts include 18 charts from the coastal usage band, 42 charts from the approach usage band, 5 charts from the harbor usage band and only one chart from the berthing usage band.
Mojtahedi also pointed to the publication of nautical charts since 2014 and the gradual replacement of domestically produced charts instead of foreign charts in the waters under the sovereignty of Iran and the global requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in order to ensure maritime safety. She stated that the increase in using domestically produced nautical charts by seafarers shows the increasing trust of seafarers in domestic charts and therefore, preparing and updating nautical charts in order to respond to this international trust is very important.
It should be noted that since 1983, Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department of NCC has been responsible for the hydrographic operations and the preparation of nautical charts of the southern and northern waters of the country, and as a result, 170 nautical charts of the Persian Gulf, 11 charts of the Oman Sea and 57 charts of the Caspian Sea are produced in different scales and usage bands. hydrographic operations of the country's waters are done by hydrographic equipment and using the vessels of National cartographic center of Iran, and after the final processing and implementation of coastal features and navigation aid marks, it leads to the production of a nautical chart. According to international laws and in order to maintain maritime safety, vessels are required to use up-to-date nautical charts, and buyers of nautical charts receive updated information for free for one year. Necessary arrangements for prioritizing and publishing nautical charts have been made by the National Hydrographic Committee, and marine navigational charts are published after being prioritized by this committee. Marine navigational charts, in order to be published internationally, must be prepared and updated according to the latest standards of the World Hydrographic Organization (IHO), and before publication, they must be controlled by the approved authorities of IHO and are allowed to be published after ensuring the accuracy of the results.
Editor : Hamed Moradian
Translator : Farkhondeh Rafani
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