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Revival of Iran’s Geomatics Industry by Approving Comprehensive Plan  <img src="/images/picture_icon.gif" width="16" height="13" border="0" align="top">
29 Jun 2021 - 14:55
IRAN Retention as UN-GGIM-AP EB Member  <img src="/images/picture_icon.gif" width="16" height="13" border="0" align="top">
20 May 2021 - 14:38
National Cartographic Center First Rank in  E-Government Development
15 May 2021 - 08:03
National Cartographic Center Defence of Persian Gulf Name at United Nations
11 May 2021 - 10:01
Persian Gulf, Symbol of Ancient Iranian History, Culture, Civilization; Vital Artery of Economic Exchange in Middle East
29 Apr 2021 - 23:55
Improving the NCC electronic services quality level to present to the community
1 Dec 2020 - 20:57
Production of maps from population centers with the highest possibility of snowfall and flooding based on proximity to steep slopes and rivers was done by National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC)
29 Nov 2020 - 16:11
President of ISPRS, Dr. Christian Heipke, thanked the Director General of NCC for congratulating the occasion of the GIS Day
25 Nov 2020 - 13:42