National Cartographic Center 1 Aug 2021 - 12:42 -------------------------------------------------- Dr. Ali Madad, Manager of the General Department of GIS and SDI: Title : Spatial Information Role in Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis Management -------------------------------------------------- Dr. Ali Madad, Manager of the General Department of GIS and SDI of NCC expounds on the role of spatial information in coronavirus pandemic crisis management around the world Text : According to NCC report, citing the Manager of the General Department of GIS and SDI, on the World Health Organization (WHO) portal, 168 countries are listed with complete information which are arranged based on the number of casualties caused by the coronavirus. This list starts from Bhutan and Granada with one casualty and ends in the United States with 597,000 casualties, in which Iran is ranked 156th and some European countries such as Italy and France and The United Kingdom, and American countries such as the United States and Brazil, are in the top 160.   There is always the ambiguity that in this kind of comparison and ranking, it is not possible to conclude correctly without taking the population of countries into account. Bhutan, for example, has a population of 771,000, according to the United Nations, and the United States has a population of 331 million. Obviously, providing casualty statistics without considering the population of countries is not a good indicator to analyze how successful or unsuccessful their performance is. Therefore, the Biological Hazards Crisis Management Committee decided to prepare a report based on the ratio of casualties to the total population.   In the new list, in which Iran is ranked 124, the above-mentioned countries are still ranked above 150, and despite taking the population of the countries into account in the assessment, there has not been much change in their ranking and this indicates the failure of these countries in Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis Management, despite their large population.   The most successful countries in controlling the coronavirus pandemic have used spatial information in their measures. For example, the table below shows the ratio of the number of deaths to the total population in some countries.