NCC news
Improving the NCC electronic services quality level to present to the community
1 Dec 2020 20:57
Production of maps from population centers with the highest possibility of snowfall and flooding based on proximity to steep slopes and rivers was done by National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC)
29 Nov 2020 16:11
President of ISPRS, Dr. Christian Heipke, thanked the Director General of NCC for congratulating the occasion of the GIS Day
25 Nov 2020 13:42
“ Scan of more than 5000 frames of old and valuable aerial photos in NCC over the past month”  <img src="/images/picture_icon.gif" width="16" height="13" border="0" align="top">
22 Nov 2020 09:51
The level of Urmia Lake has not changed significantly, comparing to same period last year
15 Sep 2020 14:23
Message of the Director General of NCC to Presidents of International Associations on the occasion of Surveying Engineering Day
3 Sep 2020 12:53
September 3, the anniversary of the birthday of Al-Biruni, as the Surveying Engineering Day in Iran
2 Sep 2020 14:58
National Cartographic Center(NCC) Planes will fly again over the sky of the country
1 Sep 2020 12:41
Production of the newest "map of administrative divisions" in the National Cartographic Center of IRAN (NCC)
19 Jul 2020 11:12